So we are clear here's the breakdown of DLM

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I LOVE PRODUCTS some are given to me some I buy.  I review as to how I feel about them and I try to write exactly how the products works and why it could benefit your kit.
I post products I use and do the "happy dance" over.

This blog--flaws and all are written by DeShawn Hatcher only.

I am always up for products to review--so if you have anything you'd like for me to test out please feel free to contact me.  I however, cannot guarantee a favorable review, but if I love it I will tell the world. This is not a blog that likes to bash other companies products--if I don't find your product favorably I will not feature

COPYRIGHT RULES-you can look and you can share but you can't take
I love the fact that so many of you love my articles and like to share them all over the world--I am honored.  BUT these articles and its contents of this blog are all copy written.  Which means you can share my articles via regular means like sharing links via twitter, Facebook, by email through the share buttons on this site etc  This site and other social media sites have share buttons please use them to share articles

You are not allowed to copy and past articles, rewrite articles or any form of sharing other then stated above
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