Monday, March 29, 2010


I thought this luggage would make a great kit bag—but don’t kick my ass about the price its from TUMI and I believe its $450—but ain’t they pur-ttee :) You could go to and find even prettier bags for less but I just thought they where so darn cute


  1. COOL! I have the regular Tumi luggage for travel. I've been thinkin what in the world can I find to use for a makeup kit? Yeah Tumi is very durable but pricey for just a makeup kit. I bought a new kit last year at the Makeup Show in NY and I already have to zipper handles I have lost. You know how hard it is to zip something without the zipper handle. Gotta find something cause I want a start getting my makeup kit on the road beyond DCMDVA

  2. These bags are cute, but at that price tag I'll stick with my little ole Zuca.


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