Friday, April 2, 2010


What’s in your kit? I mean your entire kit. Do you know--have you used everything? Yes DeShawn!—really hhhmmmm? When was the last time you USED everything you have? That questions goes for makeup artists and you too ladies at home, we all know you have that makeup bag, drawer, closet hahaha.

Okay, I believe you if you say you’ve used everything but everything wasn’t great so it sits. Can you think of ways to use it. Ex. you’re stuck with a black eyeliner that wasnt great as an eyeliner. How about to fill in where the mascara didn’t reach—great especially on blondes, what about on eyebrows for a more dramatic effect—the latter is for makeup artist only—sorry ladies at home I can’t have you looking crazy :)

Makeup is expensive whether it comes from the drugstore or department store. Why have your makeup sitting in a drawer or in your kit being ignored—poor makeup. I am guilty of this myself. I have so much I literally put it in drawers and left it there. BUT NO LONGER!! I am coming out of my makeup rut and making myself stretch my mind and creativity by reaching into those drawers and actually using what it is I have. And you know it’s been pretty good. Different color combinations have just flowed from me and I know I am a better artist for the change

Switch up from the norm you’ll be amazed at what creativity comes through when you’re forced out of your norm. Hmmmm I wonder what you could do with that purple lip gloss?

Go forth and play—you’ll be happy you did. Then add makeup to your kit

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  1. Yes yes yessssss. Indeed.
    This is good. Reeeeeally good.




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