Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I went to the Makeup Show this year only Sunday and my-oh-my what goodies

As usual my favorites were there. GRAFTOBIAN—with lower prices then last year
ADESIGN Brushes always fabulous to see these great brushes—get ready for some new fabulous brushes, CINEMA SECRETS—a yeah—as you all know, but a little NAH :( because the pickings were slim. MAKE UP FOREVER had the predictable line around the corner for folks dying for their products and of course they should they’re fabulous, CROWN BRUSHES had the shoulder to shoulder crush at their booth—its like going to the once-a-year Barney's sale—you could come away a little bruised.

I got to meet my other sistah with a fro Miss Lori Taylor of SMASHBOX—she’s just a such a nice person, Danessa Myricks-I MAKEUP YOU BEAUTIFUL was there doing her thing with her sold-out class and her fabulous booth, my gurl Miss Brandlyn Fulton had a class on Monday introducing the new fabulous foundation colors for women of color from FACE ATELIER I told you all they were coming. I’m so glad you all waited the colors are fabulous. Now, I wasn’t there to hear Miss Fulton's presentation, but I know Miss Brandy, she did a great job. Raedawn Johnson up there working her magic for MEHRON. ALCONE had their usual goodies—I hope you all got your sponges and puffs. L’OREAL was there, giving away a nice bunch of products mascaras and some HIP products. Of course I headed on over to my favorite moisturizer EMBRYOLISSE—ahhhhh heaven, and the ladies at BECCA were just wonderful—I love lines that go from Black women to White and everything in between and Becca certainly does.

You guys know I am not an airbrush artist but I have to say OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS (OCC)- man is that name correct . OCC was doing its thing—they have fabulous products for us non- airbrushers and David is such a wonderful person—could I see me with an airbrush in my hands---hhhhhmmmmmm????—I really loved his products. It was nice to see SHU UEMURA there—I will say be prepared for anything you order to come months later instead of days. Last year I ordered several eyelash curlers I received my order 3 1/2 months later---hhhmmm,:( The fabulous folks at YABY Miss Liz and Miss D who was helping out had some great products and introduced their new foundations, but for me I was stuck on her highlighting kit—it was so sort-after, by the time I got to the booth to get mine she didn’t have the shades I wanted—talk about sold out—ka-ching :) , I hugged my folks at MAC but didn’t really see much that was new—they always have such fab art being done and it is pure skill.

My only downer was—where was all the free stuff—who doesn’t like free—I am I right people? hehehehe L’OREAL was the one giving away the most stuff. DINAIR gave away a few small samples but we all know I’m looking for the motherload-hahahahaha. Perhaps everyone was saving it for Monday but those who went on a Sunday sadly we missed out

Now admittedly I only went for the one day and to bring full disclosure I went for a half a day—had some stuff to do wish I could have stayed longer. I didn’t take a class nor sit in on any but I know from what folks have told me the classes as ususal were great. Product wise besides the new kid on the block INGLOT there wasn’t much new—in terms of big makeup companies. BUT WHO CARES-- It is always a fabulous event to go—to just see folks you haven’t in a while, or meet some new ones  Thank you to Michael DeVallis and my assistant Belinda

Michael DeVallis and his crew did an amazing job again----wwoooooooo can’t wait for next year


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  1. I absolutely looved the makeup show! I was there for both days and I can't wait for next year. It was so much fun and I learned so much!!


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