Saturday, October 2, 2010


I finally made it to the Brooklyn Flea.  A flea market held in Brooklyn NY that seems everyone from all around the world had been to but me.  I've been in Brooklyn more then a year and never made it there.  It took a friend of mine Miss Stephanie to suggest  we go and off we went.  It's literally a 20 minute walk away from the house. Its located in Fort Green, Brooklyn ( at a few locations and only on the weekends--you must check their schedule.

I'd like to say its the typical flea market--but I can't.  Be prepared for sticker shock--some of the products/vendors offered are quite expensive.  A broken chest of draws--and I mean broke down--but a supposed-antique was $475.  Now I've been to many flea markets and maybe I would hear prices of $47.50, $175.00 but $475 made this New Yorker step back--and yes keep-a-walking.  Some vintage jewelry was priced around $300--I do not think so

There are some fun things --vintage jewelry for me was my goal  The not-so-expensive kind but oh-so-pretty-- (btw don't know how vintage means the 90's but okay.)   If you know what you're looking for you'll have a great time here.  I was fortunate to be hanging with Stef,  Miss fashion stylists so she knew what was worth what.  My suggestion, do your homework before going to any place that sells vintage and know the value.

One of the great things about this market are the vendors.  The vendors I had the pleasure of speaking with had a great knowledge of what they are selling. You get a mini history lesson--for me a little history lesson is always a good thing.  Vendors were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful--no hard sell and willingness to haggle  I love a good haggle :)  The typical clothing, vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, tons of collectible, i.e phones, eye glasses, typewriters etc, food vendors, handmade jewelry the kind that accepts credit cards--we're not talking cheap-but people it was beautiful and they have a tremendous food court located in the back

So while we were there we came across this vendor  AUSTRALIAN BODY & HAIR company AUSTRALIAN SCENT---oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo man
When you walk around their booth its this fresh clean smell that hits you first--and then you see these lovely products.  Just because it says Australian doesn't mean black folks can't use the products.  They have some of the most amazing body creams, hair creams, hand-made soaps & candles.  I'm always looking for new products for my natural and I found one--Hot HAIR POMADE --I quickly bought.  It gives shine without being greasy--and it just softened up my hair  I was hooked. Nice people run this company--family owned by a husband and wife team--she Australian, he a New Yorker developed this products with the prospective of the land down-under. Natural, fresh, good for you and good for the environment.  Love their saying NO SYNTHETICS..NO PROBLEM..NO WORRIES--now that's a good company 

So if you're ever in Brooklyn the next great boro-next to Manhattan stop by the Brooklyn Flea

Check out more of this company

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