Saturday, October 2, 2010


"Where You Wanna Go" Music Video Red Wanting Blue from Red Wanting Blue on Vimeo.


Over the summer I worked on a music video featuring a great band from Ohio.  Red Wanting Blue, is a band of 5 musicians who have been around for over 10 years. We had fun in various locations, NY MD, Upstate NY and yep even STUDIO D--check out the behind-the-scences shots. 

They will be an overnight sensation with 10 years of music under their belts.  They are a real live band --who play instruments, actual sing on key and have loads of talent.  Their sound is retro, but then totally today, they are a little rock, new country, with soul all wrapped up in one.

It was my honor to hang out with these talented guys--who endured the hottest days on record in polyester suits, with no sun coverage all to put together this video--and I'd like to add--never once complained.  They are a role model for what great people are and what great talent can be.  Red Wanting Blue--don't forget and soon you won't

Much love to Scott, Jenna, Josh, Dean, Erick, Mark & Greg and the lovely Christine and Derrick

I am proud to introduce you all to RedWantingBlue--on sale now at  Best Buy and soon on the radio

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