Monday, November 8, 2010


When I got the call that I "might" be working with legendary
Academy Award nominee actress Annette Benning, for a minute
I stopped breathing.  It would be my brush with Hollywood royalty. 
Now normally I am not starstruck but the movie she made with her
husband another Hollywood legend Warren Beatty is one of
my favorite movies of all time.  If you've never seen Bugsey (circa 1991) you
are truly missing a magnificent performance from the both of them.
They rank right up there with my ultra legend Bette Davis with Bugsey
(and I must say you really can't get much higher then Ms Davis)

BUT I digress....

After much scrutiny and much approval back and forth I was the one.
Let the trumpets sound!--
the announcer now says in a British accent
Introducing Lady DeShawn Hatcher makeup artist to THE stars.    
I cascade down the steps into Hollywood
royalty--do I curtsy, kiss her hand, do I dare look at her in the eyes?
What does this black gurl do? 
The day is here, all these things are running through my mind
as I wait in the lobby of her hotel.  Bottom line DeShawn, don't make
an ass out of yourself-duh AND whatever you do, don't go on and on about
Bugsey or her fabulous role in American Beauty--in which I feel she was robbed of her Oscar (sorry for the Rachel inspired Glee run-on sentence)

Its my turn to go up and I'm just trying to breathe. 
I get to the suite and she greets me with a very warm hello
and off we were to get her makeup done.  She was normal people, not only normal, pleasant, funny, charming and just a nice person. To make the day doubly magnificent Warren Beatty walks into the room and says Hi I'm Warren shakes my hand and asked me "what's your name?" I die!   If you've never seen a Warren Beatty movie when he was wee-bit younger ladies--OMG stunning (hello, Bonnie and Clyde) and he just shook my hand- I'm melting   I know, DeShawn you're a crackhead lol

Now, I do realize they are human beings who put
their pants on the same as I, but dealing with some  folks who have been in the
business for 2 seconds on a reality show/game show etc., they expect the moon
to shine when the sun is out. The want royalty treatment and can be downright
rude and vulgar if they do not get their way.  NOT ALL but A LOT
It is always amazing to me when I do get the opportunities
to meet such wonderful actors, singers, etc who have been around for years,
paid their dues, learned their craft, they have been nothing but gracious.
I made-up Annette for a lovely award ceremony they were honoring
her for all of her hard work.  She wanted simple pretty makeup
She didn't want fanfare, she didn't have crazy gowns and stylists
She was just honored to be honored


  1. what an amazing experience! I love how you were so candid and REAL in your admiration of her body of work. Thank you for sharing!

  2. this is wonderful deshawn :D
    i admire that as incredible as you are-you get nervous too. i love reading your blog entries! keep them coming
    sending my love from san francisco....

    much love & respect,


Thank you so much for your comment--much appreciate your reading this blog