Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was thinking about Christmas and the list of things that would be nice for a makeup artist not only for Xmas but all year-round.  I came up with these items some makeup, some not--but things I love. Some ideas are for client gifts or for the makeup enthusiast you might know.  I hope you enjoy this list and it makes you think"outside of the box" sort of speak.  
Why not books on iconic fashion photographers like Avedon, La Chapelle and Testino or

woooooo OCC Cosmetics is having a holiday special Lip Tars 5 for $47.50
while supplies last
I have this bag I love this bag-$59.90 at

IMAN COSMETICS brings us Second to None Luminous Foundation-use it wet or dry
comes in 12 colors  Iman Cosmetics--you will die they're so goregous
Get one for you or get some for your clients they will love them
Get it at Target, Walgreens, & Duane Reade in East coast $14.99-$16.00

This store is like crack--you're hooked the first time
Why not talk your loved ones into getting you a gift card for the holidays
or even better give one.
$$$whatever your heart desires :)

Did you know all year-round FACE ATELIER offers this great special
"Lip Service" is available at FA Gift Shop a fab way to make
your own colored lip glosses--and just plain fun for folks who aren't makeup artists $35 

Well A DESIGN has done it again the new Essential Set is here
Now this is a great present for a new makeup artist-hell--all makeup artists $110
8 brushes and that great bag--very very nice


Get on the Zumba train.  I will confess I haven't hehehehe just love watching
the infomercial.  BUT I have begun to move--why? Those damn subway steps
were kicking my ass.  Check out Zumba and tell me how you like it  Hey maybe at
Studio D we can have a Zumba party:)
Being someone who cannot live without her Blackberry I wanted to
include these smartphone products to the list.  It will keep you organized and on time. 
They range in price according to your plan and service provider
Also included is the KINDLE--from what I am told it is becoming
the tool to carry.  If you like to read and you know how we can have hours of downtime
then this Kindle and lets not forget Barnes and Nobles color book reader the NOOK is great for you.
 Add that to your Xmas list
Kindle $139 at Amazon --Barnes and Nobles color book reader the NOOK $249

These lashes Lash Lush by THI COSMETICS are so natural your clients will not believe it
 Great for all makeup artists but especially those who do red carpet and brides. $15
Stock up and charge more--hehehehe these are great
THI COSMETICS is a company created with the Asian woman in mind
though I just used their products on Anette Benning
As a fashion makeup artist I find myself with one of these in my hands on a daily basis
Why not splurge and get a year subscription to these fab mags for a present or better
give them to a makeup artist in the making. It's the gift that gives all year round
ON Makeup Magazine-(The Powder Group) , Italian Vogue, V magazine & POP Magazine

I love this list
hhhhhhhmmmmmmm I think I'll show this to my boyfriend--hint hint ;) 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays EVERYONE
Much love


  1. OMG! Love this list...I want all of these items!!!

  2. absolutely LOVING ur new blog entry! this is definitely a need list, not a wish list hehehe

  3. yay for this post!
    love Thi ...and Iman's Powders are heavenly..


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