Friday, February 25, 2011

new spring class THE KIM KARDASHIAN LOOK

not my makeup
It's 2011-- lets do something informative and fun
My new makeup and techniques hands-on class is all about one women
Kim Kardashian.  Find out how to create some of the looks for your clients
If you think her makeup is just a fabulous smokey eye--you are wrong people

Come learn techniques that cross over to everyday makeup applications, 
every job dealing with beauty (red carpet, bridal, editorial and som much more).  
You will be amazed at how many techniques goes into 
creating the look of the one and only Kim Kardashian  

Come join me March 27th (Sunday) -- bring your kit and lets have some fun

See you soon

For more information 
 check out Studio D/March Classes


  1. Wish I could attend. Maybe next time.

  2. Omg...I am glad I found this...just in time! March 27th. I'll check your site for more details. Sounds amazing!

  3. Hi Deshawn, i enjoy every minute of the class. It was very informative.I must say it was time well spent.


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