Thursday, November 3, 2011

(PRO) REALLY-where the hell is your site?

Right now I am working on over 50 makeup looks for a show I'm beauty director for. The Cotton 24 Hour Fashion show--taking place in Miami in a few weeks.  You know what keeps screaming in my head--you guys, (newbies not so newbies who for whatever reasons who don't have a website)

Where the hell is your site?

Being a beauty director for a fashion show is more then face charts and picking lip colors its hiring the crew, runners, dealing with multiple people behind the scenes to ensure all goes well.  This time I found my job way more difficult then it needed to be. WHY?  Because I had makeup artists wanting to be on the team but had nothing to show me.  In this day of Internet websites popping up all over the place in various designs and cost I am baffled as to why you do not have a site

If you have 1 good picture--you should have a site

 Because how else will the people that hire know what it is you are capable of doing.  Don't be intimidated by the fact that you're new or that you may feel your work isn't up to the standards you have been looking at on other sites  Don't block people who are in the position to hire you--hire you

My dilemma was on-going--I want to apply for the position you posted DeShawn but I don't have a site.  SO how the heck can I even hire you site unseen?(every pun intended)  Does that make any sense?  We are in a visual business people where looks are paramount on all levels.  Am I to take your word that you can do the job?  Sorry to say NO.

I found myself in the position of having to say no , having to replace people with folks who actually allowed me to view their work

On the flip side
Don't think we cannot see through a site.  By that I mean, we see bad makeup, bad hair models and photography.  No matter how glossy and flashy your site is, No matter how loud your music blares in the background about how fabulous you are we see you for who you are.  If your makeup is bad there isn't any amount of flash or catchy phrases etc that can cover that up.  So flashy self proclaimed excellence when your work is sub pare doesn't work.

For me what works is total honesty about who you are as an artist. Not the flashy sites.
I will definitely go into more details about sites later--promise

So getting back to the 1(one) lonely photo you may have on your site--not to worry.  You then will have a Bio section and its there for you tell the truth--( raise your hand) nothing but the whole truth so help you God    Use the Bio to explain your background-are you new--say so, and then tell us what it is you can do for us -- are you willing to assist, are you willing to test etc.  Then put your number on there and send it out

BUT DeShawn I only have one pic--are you crazy?  I started with one--and I shoved that down every ones throat, hahahah I really did.  Then because I was so pushy I had 2 and so on.  At the time I was starting in fashion the sites weren't so plentiful.  So all I had was Outlook, a mini bio and a letter saying I want to work with you and here's why you must work with me  I was a little cocky back then and yes I only had a few pics. I wasn't going to miss out on opportunities because I'd see that so and so had far better shots then me better models then me etc  I wasn't concerned because I was new and in reality couldn't compete with those artists if I tried  AND I knew I wouldn't fool a soul if I had gotten a flashy site for my one pic.

So the next time you see an opportunity as my dear Auntie Pattie LaBelle says (no sh'e not really my aunt ) "DON'T BLOCK THE BLESSINGS"  meaning if all you needed was a site to show your work--then why not have one.

It really broke my heart to have to say no to people I knew really wanted to work the gig but without anything to show--how in the world could I hire them---WOULD YOU?

What to do:
  • Go on the Internet do a search for on-line portfolios and then do your homework
  • Determine what it is you need at this time 
  • Ask questions like, can I upgrade to a bigger site when I need to
  • Can I customize the site for myself down the line
  • How flexible is the site--can I upload my own pics--if not I'd pass on the site
  • How expensive is it--the cost can be nominal as little as $20 per month on up
  • Make sure the site is easy for you to understand--does it have a good customer service rep, does it have online help etc--that's very important
  • Don't forget about obtaining your domain name--what are you calling your site
  • Go to always a great domain site for you to use
Ohhh and BTW,  Facebook pages that's not a FAN page or solely a professional page (no personal pics) will not ever substitute for a website--NEVER EVER!

Do your homework when it comes to sites

So good luck with your search good luck with your site and the next time there's a gig posted you will be ready :)


  1. Thank you DeShawn for sharing this blog. There are some amazing lessons here and I'm thankful for having the chance to read this.

  2. This was GREAT!! Awesome information!!! Thank-You!

  3. I will live by your advice..... Thank you.

  4. DeShawn I can not get off of your blog you are like the newbie makeup artist best friend! Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom!

  5. Loved every bit of this. Great article!


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