Thursday, May 17, 2012


I had the fabulous pleasure of again working with Ice and Coco on another fun project  This time it was the 2nd season of their highly rated show on E,  ICE LOVES COCO.  I took a few behind the scenes pics for you all and wanted to share some beauty tips
To answer the most famous questions I get--here goes
Are they really that much in love--YES!!!!!
Is her butt real--double YES
Is Coco all body and no brains--HELLLLLLL NOOOOOOO!

COCO'S BEAUTY-the softer side of Coco
 (This photo was taken from the monitor while shooting)

I wanted to share some of the items I used on Coco and maybe you too can get this look. She really has a classic face--high cheekbones and deep set eyes --features to die for. I wanted you to see her beautiful eye shape  I wanted a softer look for her to go along with her fab red lip from MAC
  • On her eyes a mixture of gold in the inner corners from Face Atelier named Bullion
  • used wet and OCC Twirl Eyeshadow blended to the outside corners
  • Soft Light and gorgeous
  • Along with Urban Decays Black Pencil in Persuasion that lined her entire eye
  • My new MAC mascara in black Pro Lash-- this stuff is great
  • For her highlight and contour I used none other than MUFE HD Foundations

On this day Coco wanted a retro look.   I added soft touches of pink and a lil bronze
  • On her eyes shes wearing the fab color Twirl from OCC both applied wet and dry 
  • with  MUFE Aqua Creme in Plum in the crease and around the eyes adding a hint of smokey eye
  • Eyes lined in Urban Decays fabulous pencil  Persuasion btw my new obsessions in pencils
  • Mascara Covergirl LashBlast in Black--the one in the orange tube 
  • Cheeks MUFE mixed from the Flash Color and her lips the fab MAC lip in Hush
  • Contoured her with Iman Cosmetics Second-To-None Powder--yes I said Iman
  • Powdered with MUFE HD Powder

Links to makeup companies for you to try:
The beauty team--miss danielle (hair) the beauty herself Miss Coco and me
I had to wait for the show to be over before I could air any
pics of the new love child the one and only
Maximus with his dad and my new boyfriend Spartacus
Maximus at his most adorable
Coco and Ice--they really are a joy to work with and just down home.
I hope all of you get clients as wonderful as they are.
I found a new boyfriend on set Spartacus--my new favorite bulldog ever!!!!!  
Big thanks to my partner in crime--Miss Danielle Crawford supplying me with some of these pics  Miss you gurl

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