Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I surprisingly came across the after shot when I was on Facebook  and Oblivion Mag used this as an example of beautiful ladies who use color blocking.  It was a magazine I worked on last year. Then I remembered, somewhere I had the original shot straight off the computer.  The before shot was taken at the moment of the shoot no retouching was done. 

Due to the fabulous-ness of the photographers lighting and whatever magic he possesses in that camera, she just looks stunning in both before and after.  As you can see the photographer saturated the overall color a bit, cleaned up hair which is always a must, and cleaned her up all over.   So when I say in the article about retouching speaking for you--this is prime example  If you cannot truly recreate your work be careful.  As you can see very little was done to her face.

 So thanks Oblivion Mag for posting this on Facebook I totally forgot but happy to see it

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