Saturday, July 6, 2013


Summer time for a lot of us artists can be--well--like a desert  I'm talking very little to do: models go on vacation, agencies take a break, photographers go on vacation etc, etc, etc.   Then suddenly you're trapped in the abyss of "OMG I'm gonna throw myself under a bus cause I'm not working-phase"  From time to time we all go through this.  Yes we all and I mean we allllllllllll darling so believe me you are not alone.

While we roast in the summer heat feeling oh-so blah about not working or not working that much I wanted to post this song to lift us all up--me included--it makes me smile

Happy Summer--and remember just because you may not be working there's always work to do.  So in the meantime, write on your blogs, clean your kits, learn a new technique, figure out your next steps to the next level of your craft or figure out the next summer so you maybe won't feel like throwing yourself under a bus.

And remember its OK to have fun so go out and enjoy the fireworks!!!


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