Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Just as I did for summer I'm giving you some of my survival must haves for the winter.  Since Im a New Yorker and we can get some serious kick-ass winters here I have tried everything to stay warm  Besides the obvious winter armor like body thermals, dressing in layers, hats, scarves boots  Since you cannot always strip down your layers on set these things have been my saving grace.

THE ESSENTIALS for cold weather

THESE ARE MUST HAVES-- MUST MUST MUST did I make that clear :)
Pop them into your pockets, at least 8 hours of warmth
Sold at drugstore nationwide starting at $1

QVC.COM under $16

I put these on my lower back and my knees--where my joints can get the coldest.
Though I do love thermals, for me I can overheat in them. Because we are normally in and out of the cold for me to be too warm is the kiss of death  These are just great to have in your kit just peel and stick over 8 hours of warmth
Sold at drugstore nationwide--starting at $10


These Multi Mitt 4 Way Stretch Fleece Glove with Zip Compartment are essential  One of  the reasons why I love these is the flap has a little velcro closure on it to keep the flap open when you want.  I hate it when Im trying to do something and that stupid flap keeps flopping the model in the face   Also their made out of fleece and not wool so they're warm without being itchy and at less then $16 you can get several pair

Because I am famous for losing my gloves--every year I normally invest in 2 cheap pairs of synthetic gloves and simple cut the ends off.  I get fancy and buy funny colors and mix them so i can have some pink poking out under my orange. I know I just showed you, you can buy the ones with them already done but I get to customize what I need open and closed  At Kmart in the city you can find these gloves for $5 a pair.  Still love the QVC ones though

For me a coat with a hood is far better then a hat--it blocks the wind on both sides and it pops over my afro.  Also it won't blow off my head

UMBREALLA  yes I know I mentioned this in summer but this is an all year round item for your kit
Blocks wind --snow etc

LASTLY--if you find your makeup is getting hard to apply due to the cold--invest in a small over the shoulder set bag and keep that close to your body--under your coat this will keep the makeup pliable

So I hope these tips keep you warm toasty and comfy :)

(images for this section are not those of DeShawn Hatcher)

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