Monday, February 10, 2014


I am one fortunate makeup artist or rather a very "Happy Black Gurl" as the bag states.  I stumbled upon an artist on Esty, Michele Lutz, who does these really cool line drawings.  So I contacted her and was like OMG Love you, Love your work.  She in turn made me this amazingly cool one of a kind bag.  LOOK! she has makeup brushes and an afro--stoppppp!!!!!!

BUT than I said to her "Hey can you do the same for my fabulous deshawnlovesmakeup followers?" and she was like "of course."  So I just had to share.  Not only is she willing to do the same for you she had done several diverse bags as well check out her fabulous site

BUT yes I have a bigger BUT lol,  these bags are one-of-a-kind, drawn to your likeness.  In other words if you provide her with a photo she can (in line illustration) draw your fabulousness with your name and, or saying on the bag. OR you can just choose anyone of her line illustrations on her site they are all just to cute.  OH and did I mention these are all hand drawn so it truly is one of a kind--ok I did but bares to be repeated

--she does all this for $12  YES $12 for the bag   ( Now don't tell me I don't share :) 
Say DeShawn sent you (and no I don't get a kick back, just a kick out you guys getting yours)
We are always looking for something unique-well hello! :) 

So meet this phenomenal Artist Michele Lutz- thats Michele with a single L

BAG SIZE 5X8  Price: $12  great size for all our odds and ends, pencils, accessories or really just cute to have out on the table--and even better no one can steal it lol

she also does luggage tags


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THANK YOU SO MUCH Deshawn for sharing this with us. I am soooo going to order one.

  2. Michelle is way talented and super cool too!

  3. I know so damn cute right!!! It took me hours to find her Im researching products for all of us some unique some cool some just what we need but never thought of More coming!!!! Enjoy


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