Saturday, March 13, 2010

DeShawn where can I get a discount on makeup?

When you first start out this business can be expensive—why spend crazy money on items when you don’t have to. While you may not be eiligble for the discount programs some cosmetic companies give to more seasoned artists I want you to know there’s another cost saving alternative. Here’s my number one savings tip on eyeshadows:

The DRUGSTORE, yes I said it--the DRUGSTORE. What are you mad DeShawn—you want me to go to the Drugstore? YES I DO!!!!

Here’s the trick.
Go to the black cosmetic companies for eyeshadows. Companies like Black Radiance, Posner, IMAN, Black Opal and etc, all have really great pigment because they are designed for women of color. Now there are brands like NYX and even L’Oreal (HIP High Intensity pigments) making stronger eyeshadow colors. For the subtler shades like vanilla, soft browns, grays etc., Almay, Revlon, Maybelline NY are fabulous as well (just remember those colors will not show up well on woman of color). These shadows are great for newbies and those who love makeup. As you move on in years you will no doubt move away from the drugstore—but don’t go to far, you’ll miss out

The best thing of all depending on your drugstore (NYC it is Rite Aid in LA Eckerds), you can take them home try them out and if you don’t like it you can actually return it. Check the store before you buy—store policies may vary. To make this crazy idea even better if you sign up for sale alerts on the web or pick up a circular, drugstores always has deals like 2-for-1 or 50% off the products.
Now tell me how you can beat that :)

After losing part of my kit in a cab on my way to a gig, I did a very famous person with a kit of black radiance eyeshadows. I went to the drugstore and bought every eyeshadow quad Black Radiance had. Totally Cost about $25 and I had 20 colors. It was for a TV show and she looked amazing. So newbies I don't want to hear about makeup being crazy expensive--I just saved you thousands--can I get an Amen!

I do want to say NEVER EVER SKIMP ON YOUR BASE (FOUNDATIONS) AND YOUR NEUTRALIZERS (CONCEALERS)—EVER!!! I will have more product info and articles to follow :)

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