Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You know the song by Fergie aka the Dutchess “Glamorous” Love that song don’t you? Well, let me let everyone know that being a makeup artist is the best job in the world—clearly I’m biased I’m living my dream, but I am to tell you it isn’t glamorous 24/7. There are some funky things that we as artists have to go through in order to make it all seem glamorous to you--heres one:

I was hired to do hair and makeup for a shoot in Jamaica---glamorous right? One whole week at a 5 star resort---glamouros right? Honey, I was on my way, sun, beach, tan WHAT—STOP THE PRESSES this will be so much fun—right? Well……... I now share with you YELLOW—my boa-constrictor story.

There was one shot when the model was to hold a snake, a big-ass boa constrictor--ala Britney Spears-"Slave For You" perfromance at the MTV awards. The sun is beaming on all of us it must have been 99 in shade that day and to top it off we are in a rainforest. The model looks fabulous—hair and makeup done (if I do say so myself)--me and crew, were all a sweaty mess. Then out comes this 10 foot yellow boa constrictor from the bag the handler had. The model is terrified –I’m talking shaking and to be honest so was I. It’s taking a about a half and hour for her to even touch it--she turns to me and says frightened out of her mind, “DeShawn I am scared I don’t want to do this”. REALITY CHECK-“ding” Her hair is beginning to fall, her makeup is getting moist and we are in the middle of a freaking rainforest in Jamaica. I’m hot as hell and we are losing the light. We have to get this shot it’s a must! So I have the handler put the snake around my neck, to show her there’s nothing wrong, show no fear, and parade around like it’s a mink stole—all the while freaking out inside hahahahaha. I’m a nut-I know. BUT you know what, she took “YELLOW” the boa constrictor, put him around her neck and we all got the shot.

Now I will say boa constrictors aren’t the norm on set but you do have to get that shot. Not saying pick up a snake but be aware of time and your own contributions on how you can make the shoot go along smoothly. Makeup is the ultimate joy ride—with a snake or two thrown into the mix—-well at least for me :)

So now, you tell me is that glamorous?

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  1. LMAO! Loved KNOW you so crazsay right? SMH, glamorous? OK. Maybe, after the shoot chillin on the beach or whatnot LOL but how about 'courageous'??? Uhhh. Yeah. See this is why commonsense and fearlessness go hand in hand on the job. Way to "Get the shot" mamas!! :) Hell yeah. You a warrior.



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