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This is a new feature (you better believe it will be an on going segment “
I share with you three examples of life as a makeup artist
and some of the situations we can go through.
Little pet-peeves of mine that I have experienced
over the years and some ways for you
 to navigate your way through the "BULL$SH!T." 

BS# 1
When a photographer hasn’t given you your photos in a timely manner and then gets annoyed with you for asking
Sometimes you will get stiffed--sorry but that is life.  To help you not get stiffed here are a few suggestions:  When you get a gig with a photographer make plans to receive pics at the end of the shoot.  Bring a hard drive with you, or a dvd so the photographer can upload.  If they want to select photos and retouch for you set an acceptable date (1 - 2 weeks at the most) for you to pick-up the images and stick to it.  If you cannot pick-up be sure to give them a postage paid envelope with cardboard to deliver your photos/dvd in the mail--you might want to spring for FedX.   Keep in mind you're not the only artist they are working with so patience is appreciated 

When a potential client calls you about a job—but refuses to send you details in writing
In this day and age of everything in writing (texting, tweeting, emails)--there is no reason for any potential client not to send you the specifics of your job--especially money.  BEWARE--These are normally shady folks who will say one thing to you and then the outcome will not be what was promised  GET IT IN WRITING!

When you show up on set and the stylist wants to dictate every move you make
I had experienced this a lot when I first started--just take your direction from the photographer  Photoshoots are a collaboration--not a dictatorship from anyone on set  You should always check with the photographer to see what their vision for the shoot is and then you can bring in the whole styling team to discuss each look further. Always check with the photographer.


  1. This is good stuff to know! Am slowly learning makeup artistry through courses and practice and these might be useful for the future! :)

    Fab post xx

  2. And let me add....

  3. I have experienced all 3. You have to protect yourself as much as possible. Get it in writing is one of the best pieces of advice I have adopted. This is major w/ Photogs and Clients....

  4. This is good information,thanks

  5. i am a late comer...

    this is going to be my favorite segment!! i have been in two of the above situations and i was not sure how to handle them.

    thanks for the insight Ms. Hatcher!


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