Monday, October 11, 2010


I get a call from my darling Kevin--Kevin James Bennett that is :) to get my butt over to the grand opening of CYNDE WATSON new cosmetics line "COLOR BY CYNDE WATSON" at the Georgia Salon in lower Manhattan. Of course, when he calls I listen, I knew it had to be great and it was. The place was packed, and all eyes on the new products Cynde has to offer. It wasn't long before Kevin and I were taking over the makeup stations Cynde had set up for her guest. We grabbed everything we could and of course, play time ensued.–-we were totally in the way like two kids at Toys R Us

So what were we marveling over? Ill tell you about a few of my favorite things. She has foundations in pencil form that blends beautifully and go on smoothly.  They come in 6 shades blendable and buildable colors from the fair complexions like Nicole Kidman all the way to the beautiful chocolate of Serena Williams. I cannot say it enough I love a line that goes from the ligth to dark–its tells me the company is thinking of everyone and that is a line I will always support. The other favorite would be the Corrector and Concealer pencils (6 shades) --talk about getting ride of dark circles under the eye, and all within a few stokes. Both these pencils let you put your makeup exactly where you want it to. We also played with the eye pencils as well--talk about beautiful coverage and WOW color. I used a beautiful dark blue color on my eyes and created a smokey eye within minutes and I will say it stayed on all night--love it

Color by Cynde Watson's fabulous carrying case--no more makeup on the bottom of your bags ladies

After Kevin and I finsihed playing--really we would have played all night but the makeup artist wanted her spot back --lol  I got to meet some other artists--one of them Sam Fine and yes he is every bit his last name ladies. We finally caught up--much emailing between us. We are both Brooklyn-nites and quickly realized we are neighbors. Be on the lookout with more on the "Fine" one coming to STUDIO D and this blog in the near future I also hope to have a special showing of Color by Cynde Watson at Studio D-fingers crossed;)

Sam Fine, Cynde Watson, Kevin James Bennett and me DeShawn Hatcher

  Cynde Watson creator of "Color by Cynde Watson"

Now if you're wondering why this line is so spectacular it is Miss Cynde herself. She was the Executive Director of Makeup Artistry for Bobbie Brown and a fabulous makeup artist in her own right. She has an eye for color, an understanding of makeup application and by this line I can see she really does care about women's makeup needs. She applied her extensive knowledge to bring you “Color by Cynde Watson” An affordable makeup line, very easy to apply and blend, and goes from dark to light complexions. So really--you're finished with this article what's taking you so long--click on the link below and check it out :)

For a look at Cynde Watson makeup

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