Monday, November 29, 2010


I remember starting out in the industry like it was yesterday.  I knew no one, I just left Corporate America, and to make matters worse I just couldn't get a straight answer.  This business is confusing, it has many people who offer only slight info to get you hooked and then you pay crazy money just to find out one question.  I've been there--Ive been suckered and I have learned.  I answer as many questions as I could throughout the years--because any knowledge I feel I can pass on will only be beneficial as you proceed with your journey.  Be prepare,  I am very very truthful, I do not sugar-coat answers.  I will be answering a few questions a month.

Criteria for question--please keep it to the industry or an issue only i.e (how to assist, how to work with photographers etc.  You never know you might get me to writing a very informative blog entry :)

NOTE: Personal critiques of websites and work will not be answered.  Just don't have the time to look over sites and pics -- So don't ask

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The question and answer will be posted on this blog, if you do not want your name used please indicate that in your initial question

This opportunity is only open to members of DLM
Much love people

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