Friday, November 26, 2010

COCO+BREEZY, TEYANA TAYLOR, Me, Ugo, Sarah and 3 boys from France

The other day I got the opportunity to work with two enterprising--entrepreneurial sisters.  I mean "sisters" the fabulous twins that make up the design duo COCO&BREEZY.  OK at first I was like who are these beautiful young ladies walking into my studio, Studio D in Brooklyn (wink).   I thought they were models.  Long lean and possessing a fabulous sense of self and style. They are fierce-people.  Hailing from the cold-ass state of Minnesota they are here in NYC doing their thing designing rings, necklaces, and yes those famous shades that Nicki Manij , Ciara, Kelly Osborne, Serena Williams, Dawn Richard all love--and their list goes on

The have a retro cool vibe reminiscent of the 80"s but then at closer inspection it screams of a style more present and beyond. I knew right away the first thing I wanted to do for makeup was two totally opposite looks but with color.  I told them my ideas and they loved it. Thank God they were cool twins who don't have to be alike all the time.  I really like these young ladies--well I like anyone who keeps it moving--you know. They are proactive in every sense of the word.

The very funky work of NOUS SOMMES
On that very loud and funky Sunday--with way too many people in my studio--(over 50). In the mist of the crowd and chaos was talented fab photographer Sarah McColgan doing her thing. If you don't know who she is--well I probably will devote an entry to her work and my absolute love of her.  She's like family and has shot some A-List people-like Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Jezzy, Nicki Manij her list just goes off the page.  She did her thing with gels--(plastic colored strips put over the lighting to create a funky effect--like adding a more saturated color) 

Also at Studio D there was three boys from France who designed "Nous Sommes" another funky jewelry line.  Face pendants of famous people that were amazing--and I sooooo wanted one, especially the Grace Jones--hint hint :)  I had fun using my very broken French to try and communicate with them--it wasn't good hahahaha but they were sweet.  At least one of them spoke English and had the patience to listen to my many failed attempts.

On the fabulous side there was fashion stylist Ugo Munzie doing his thing as usual.  The thing about Ugo I love is he always manages to pull clothes that allow the artist to be who they are and who they'd like to be.  Never over-powering in his own personal style, he's just straight forward decisive, talented and a joy--love him  His assistant Devar--welllll people, he's beyond Fab-u-lous.  As a team we all connect on look and style--we all get each other and that just makes my day.

L-R  Devar, Teyana, Darryl & Ugo Munzie

Me and the lovely Teyana
Later in the day in walks Miss TEYANA TAYLOR--she's currently on Kwanye's latest cd.  She went to hair first working with hair artist Mathew, while I worked on Coco and Breezy  When she finally got in my chair I was like--hhhhmmmmmm??? I like her but she was very quiet and reserved--all the things I'm not -lol   She was quiet and tired-people. I didn't know she's in from L.A. and on a press tour. She is another hard-working young lady--who definitely keeps it moving.  She was being featured in the Nous Sommes ad campaign as well as some publicity photos.  By the end of the day I wanted her to be my little sister.

The "Look" for Teyana was more soft--I just wanted her features to shine--not crazy color or pattern. So earth-tones was the way I wanted to go ala DeShawn. She has an amazing spirit, tenacious attitude, she's smart, talented-- and well, beauty is obvious.  No one puts this baby in the corner, I can tell you that.  And to make it even better I got to meet her mom (with a fresh and fabulous new hair cut)  She is just as beautiful and amazing as her daughter  I could clearly see where Teyana gets it all.  Miss Taylor came with MTV in tow recording the events of the day along with more magazine people, more press people streaming in and out of STUDIO D.  At the end of the day--it turned out to be such a lovely--(long-ass) but lovely day.  I got to meet some new people--who left wonderful and funny memories with me I will have for the rest of my days

Oh and how in the world could I forget--this day would not have been complete, without my two assistants Miss Mahogany and Miss Celine----THANK YOU LADIES


  1. WOW! Great write up DeShawn and it looks like everyone had fun shooting.

  2. I had a wonderful time as well!! This was a great experience.


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