Monday, February 21, 2011


I love NYC during Fashion Week--there's a funky pulse in the city that gets my heart beating a little faster.  What really sets me off are seeing the models walk through the city. Its like Fleet week in NYC except there are hundreds of models-- (Its like invasion of the 50 foot woman--they're every where), seeing people pull out their best outfits as they head off to one show after another, or watching my fellow makeup and hair people (more then normal) walk through the city with their kits.  Its also the time, I, black gurl can get a damn cab--without worry

The other things I love are the off-the-beaten path shows--off-broadway I'd like to say. Those rouge designers who dare not take a tent and branch out on their own.  One of those Maverick-y kind of people is designer Leila Shams.  She comes from Brooklyn with her one of a kind flavor--shes a trend setter.  I'm all about different and she is the D- difference in Designer  Her clients range from Lindsay Lohen, Ke$ha, Keri Helson

I had the opportunity to key her Fall 2011 show.  It was held at the legendary Chelsea Hotel NYC off the beaten path.  One of my favorite things about working with her is, she loves makeup. Makeup makeup makeup--she's not afraid of it taking over her designs.  Leila finds it compliments so this makeup artist was happy to oblige being Key Makeup Artist

Her clothes were deep purples greens, blues with accents of gold.  The fashions were funky, deep dark and mysterious.  For makeup we went Glam Goth--dark sexy makeup.  We are talking purple lips & purple eyes.  To top it off it was held in the basement of the Chelsea Hotel a very cool dark section were all the parties happen.

The models were standing--not walking and for 2 hours guesst came and went and they were still standing there in all their fabulousness--and yes the makeup held up

models are being placed

the dress of the model standing has beetle petals sowned on them--reflective blue/green you see

loves her she was rockstar 


  • Overall clean up the face
  • Purple In the crease and under the eye
  • Lined in heavy black liner
  • False Eyelashes applied
  • Eyebrows cleaned and shaped
  • Shimmer was applied to the apples of the cheeks and slightly L shaped to the brow bone
  • Lips was a mixture of a shimmery pigment and clear lipgloss and a Shimmer lighter purple in the center
  • Lightly powder

What I was going after was the "rockstar" out on the town--wearing her favorite Leila Shams outfit

I had a great team!!!!!

You can find Leila on a new reality TV show, All on the Line, hosted by Elle magazines creative director Joe Zee on the Sundance Channel 

Check out Leila Shams take time to read her blog as well.

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