Monday, February 21, 2011

A TRIBUTE TO COCO ala Black Men Magazine

When I got the call I'd be working with Coco--I was like Mrs. Ice Tea.  Well after meeting her and working with her a few times I think of her as COCO--alone and singular.  She is her own women with a business-sense and lets face it a fabulous body. Then enters her sister Kristy and well you have two really fab ladies I had the pleasure of doing their makeup. The one and only Q did the hair.  It was so refreshing to see two sisters who loved each other and got a long so well.  Kristy isn't a model, Coco wanted to showcase her beautiful sister along with her in this well over 15 page magazine spread. It was a long two days but Coco & Kristy and Ice made those days just fly by.  

The shoot spans two different styles--one a more futuristic style on the back of the real Batman motorcycle--that came with its own security.  That day was crazed, shooting on a soundstage and having so many people on set--I'd say well over 50 people  All the while the ladies were just doing their thing.  Day 2 was a period burlesque style shoot inside studio with a smaller crew and more fun.  

All photos are from photographer Howard Huang--he's fabulous too people

It was great being on Team COCO.

On Newsstands NOW!!!!!!!!!

WARNING!!!!!! THESE PICS ARE VERY SEXY--if you have a problem with pics like these use the menu to skip

All pics were downloaded from 

Coming soon my shoot with Coco and her new clothing line--talk about more hotness :)

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