Monday, February 21, 2011

Lady Sings the Blues- A New Dawn


When you have the ability to work with a celebrity once and you really just loved working with them—the memory and experience is always a happy one.   BUT when you get the opportunity to work with them again it is even sweeter.  I am talking about the one and only Diddy Dirty Money lady Miss Dawn Richard.  Now you all know how much I just adore her—well this photoshoot just elevated her in my mind.  This fabulous singer songwriter wanted to channel the spirit of the past—and she did yall.  She seamlessly became a—“Lady sings the blues-Josephine Baker” performer. She was transformed and we all went along for the journey.   Ms Richard who we all know is a fab hip-hop singer is now a 1920’s cabaret singer.  What fun!!!!  I am truly a blessed black gurl and makeup artist to work with someone with such range and courage.  I do believe there’s something in that Louisana water—cause all the folks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting from there has a spirit that cannot be broken—and a love that shines on everyone in their presence.  Check out some of the fabulous pics.  She was styled by the fabulous duo Daver Campbell and Ugo Mozie 



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