Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Practice makes perfect?
Why do you think people say that? Cause its true. Practice does make perfect or at least help you perfect what it is you want to concentrate on

I cannot tell you how many times I would ask folks (fellow artists)—have your practiced your makeup application today, this week, this month, this year—only to be given such a Crap-tacular answer—well I don’t have anyone to work on. OYYYYY VEYYYY I hate that excuse. Do you mean you are the only person on the planet left and there’s no one here for you to practice on--C’mon?

Finding a model shouldn’t be difficult—your momma, your mommas momma, sister, sister-friends, co worker etc, would be more than willing to step up and volunteer their lovely faces—especially on a Friday night.

Then I hear excuse number 2--BUT DeShawn they ‘re not real models.
OY VEYYYYYYY for the second time—when I hear that I just want to scream.

Guess what -- They will probably be your best models. Why? By that I mean—if the person has acne, discoloration, uneven bone structure, needing some eye-fooling highlighting and contouring to even out a double chin and more these are the people you want to practice on. Anyone should be able to work on a flawless canvas—right?-- BUT how in the world will you get the opportunity to get to that point if you don’t practice

When I first started I threw makeup parties—girlfriends and co-workers would come over the apartment and I’d do their makeup . Take some before and after pics and –PRACTICE . Create your own photoshoots. Not everything needs a professional photographer or high cheeked bone flawless model. (BTW) this helps you with understanding posing, lighting and makeup application for the light source you’re working with.

Create a book of your work –place the before and after pictures on one side and then you can create a face chart or just describe what you had to do to correct the problem on the other page. Keep it as a record something you will have so you can go back to it later as a refresher. All information from this shoot will be invaluable. What about a particular look you may want to do—why wait to do if for the first time at a real test or editorial shoot when you can practice on your own people? We all must practice, and really the harder the face the better. And the best thing is you get to study your work and learn how to correct things in your mind and apply them for the next time

No more excuses-- lets get to testing !


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