Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yeah it's 2012-YEAH throw confetti!
What are your plans?  Have you begun to work on your to-do list?
Have you begun to break down the steps for you to complete one task on your to-do list?
Because with even one item it takes many steps to achieve the one goal you set forth

Goal: I want to do editorials this year    How will you go about that?
Well lets break that sucker down shall we:)

You have to research magazines, photographers, stylist, hair artists and models.
  1. You must have your presentation ready, comp cards, business cards web sites and portfolios
  2. Evaluate where you are and be honest with yourself and that way you can know what magazines and photographers you may want to work with..  If you re just starting out and you think a realistic goal would be getting a 10 page fashion editorial spread in Vogue is what you desire you maybe smoking crack  BUT getting a fashion spread in an Indie magazine may be a more realistic goal
  3. You will have to send out many emails, mailers, and make phone calls just to make one contact
  4. Are you familiar with some of the indie magazines--Paper, Zink, etc if not get to know them and who shoots for them
  5. Are you testing-- how strong are the tests?
...................................................and the list of things to do goes on--you get me. 
And yes, all this to get into a, one, uno  magazine

You know the saying Work the Plan--always hated that saying but it is true  I like "get to steppin" myself .  Seriously whats your plan of action?
As this new year is already here--know that what you do this year sets you up for next year and years to follow.  Be strategic with who and what you work with   When you have a clear path your steps to complete them may not be so daunting and actually be almost a pleasant road to be on

In your career there will always be tremendous highs and lows--if you have a plan the lows may not take you out of the game.  The lows can be mind altering but with a plan A-B or C you can navigate your way effectively.

Remember what you do now--is setting the path for your future.  Oh and by the way,  as a freelancer you never wait for a new year to start making plans --your plans are never ending.

What path will you be on?

Here's to the path people-it will be a ride :)  Now "get to steppin !
OH BTW  HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. great post Deshawn and Happy New Year to you also! I have already started my plan and am into phase three. My immediate goal is to work at New York Fashion Week next month. HUGE aspiration I know but I am confident, talented and if nothing else persistent! I will be backstage as an artist or at the very least as an assistant! Thanks for the post which serves as a reminder that with the right amount of work I can make it happen. :)

  2. Great post, this will really help me put things in order.


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