Thursday, July 5, 2012


I was going out one night and decided to snap a quick picture of myself with my crap berry--oh excuse me my blackberry.  I had just applied a lite dusting of Make Up Forever HD Powder. As you can see I am pasty here--the body tone is definitely not matching the face. Now I happen to love this powder but have noticed that on people of color it can leave a funky white hue on the face. Once it settles ( for me 20 minutes and the oils kicked back in) the pastiness will go away. I am not saying don't use on black folks but I am saying be aware that if your talent needs to go to set right away--especially if you're working in TV--(HDTV to be exact) and you use this on them they can become a little pasty looking.  Now we've all seen the photos of bad makeup--when the starlet has those crazy blobs of white under their eyes--99 times out of 100 its HD Powder gone crazy.  It's not the powders fault--its how we apply it.   This powder is 100% mica and anyone who has used it can attest that it is a pure white powder, translucent, finely milled powder with a consistency that  almost equals a fine mist.  Anyone who uses it knows of that white puff of cloud when you first open the container  This isn't powder of years gone by this is a new formulation that cannot and should not be handled like--lets say Ben Nye Powder (love these too)  A little bit goes along way is an understatement and it should last you a very long time
This product will always be in my kit but believe me I know how and when to use it. A lite dusting of powder with time to spare.  This particular evening I wasn't leaving for half an hour and I had another half before I reached my party so I was fine--the face matched the body lol.  You may just need a quick mist of water or one of those fancy setting mist that are out now to make the pastiness go away.  Either way enjoy this powder for all its fan-tab-ul-lous glory
This is just one makeup artist and black gurls observation

Have any of you had this happen?--if so share and if you want to just praise the wonder of MUFE HD Powder please do so


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love your new design! I always enjoy your blog post!

  2. I have used this powder for years & on various skin types/colors & have never had this issue. It is true what you say though, it's all in the way it is applied. ;)

  3. i've used both MUFE's HD powder and E.L.F.'s HD powder and with both i always either apply with a slightly dampened brush or mist with a little water after application. definitely works wonders!


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