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I have been a nailtech since 1997 specialized in natural nail care--yep went to school and everything even worked in a salon (hated every damn minute). Since the salon days I have only done nails on set for editorials since I started makeup.  Now I don't expect you all to become nailtechs--what I do want is to give you a few products that if you don't have the fortune of having a nailtech on board that you can pull off a good clean nail look. 

One of my all time favorite companies is Sally Hansen--you cannot beat it for price and conveinece, I don't think you can go into any drugstore and not find one of these products. Its an affordable company with great colors and coverage. Though I have well over 200 colors in my nail kit (Chanel, CND, Essie my other loves) I just can' stop buying these when I'm in the drugstore-I think I'm an addict--okay I am LOL. 

As for your kit I would say if you have a clear, a neutral, a good red and pink those should be more then enough for you to stock in your kit.  Nails are a skill they can take time on set you can be devoting to makeup  It goes beyond a quick nail job--if you don't know how to do more complex nail treatments and looks then I'd say stick with one color and your shoot will still look fabulous. If you require more advantageuos looks having a nailtech on board is the best way to go--and really don't we all carry enough things 

SIDEBAR--only do the models nails if she has great hands.  If she doesn't it will be a complete waste of time  No one wants big man hands in the photo, partially chewed fingers or small short stubby hands.  It can completely ruin your shot. It is also the model responsibility to come to set with hands and feet manicured and when booking models you can request that from the booker/agent

These are a few Sally Hansen proudcts that will make a great contribution to your kit without breaking the bank (all less then $10)

INSTA DRI-Fast Dry Nail Color--OMG cannot beat something that goes on in one coat and dries in 60 seconds BTW 30 colors to choose from my fav right now is Blue Streak

COMPLETE SALON MANICURE--Favorite of all the major beauty magazines, blogs and me. However this does not dry in 60 seconds. If you are going to use this you must apply it before makeup and hair--it requires at least a full hour to air dry. The finish is shiny sexy and gorgeous.   Over 40 colors to choose.   It has base coat,top coat, strengtheners, nail growth all inside one bottle--amazing

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