Thursday, April 4, 2013


I cannot believe that this is my second tribute to someone who has gone to soon.  My assistant/friend Miss Belinda Keatts passed away today--this afternoon.  Several weeks ago she suffered a major stroke and just never recovered.  She was only 31--31 the number just boggles my mind

A young vibrant, young lady who recently graduated college with an English major--she was a phenomenal writer, but all the while her heart was with makeup.   As an assistant she worked so hard for me--and she shared some of my most memorable days.  She would get me to go out to an event when I was just content sitting on my sofa at home. She knew when folks were getting on my last nerve and would woooo-saaaa with me lol.  We'd sit for hours and just talk about -well- everything and have major jokes when we did.   The last thing she had done for me was help with the Cotton Show--We worked crazy hours together and to make it even more perfect she had crazy hours like I did, so if she emailed me at 3 am I was there to answer and vis-versa lol.  She wasn't just an assistant she was a wonderful person and a friend.

To say this is a big shock and a great loss is really an understatement.  What I will say is she was definitely loved, had tremendous family,  a big ole fabulous head of hair, a beaming smile and was just a funny bubbly person


Photo from her facebook page--taken by Miss Petal I love this photo



  1. Rest In Paradise Belinda!!!!!

  2. So sorry for your loss. May she rest in paradise with the creator and may you continue to keep her spirit alive in your heart with all of the memories you've shared. Be blessed.


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