Saturday, May 10, 2014


makeup deshawn hatcher -  photography ejaz khan

Do you have questions you've always
 wanted answered?

Ask me here and
 I will answer in a blog article with
a very straight forward and 
detailed answers only 
the way I can :)  

So speak up people 



  1. Hello Deshawn,

    Thank you so much for this blog! I have a few questions that I would like answered if possible.

    Do you believe that you need to NY or LA based to be a celebrity mua? What other cities if any do you believe are options? What was your move to NY like as an unknown if you were not originally based there?

    What are your favorite highlighter's to use?

    When and if you will be teaching any classes/workshops soon?

    Is is best to have an agent as an mua, should that be a goal, or do most celebrity mua's negotiate and represent themselves?

    What are your favorite or best foundation tips/tricks?

  2. Miss Ebnoy your answers will be coming shortly :)

  3. Hi Deshawn!!! My question is how does an aspiring mua pay her bills and still pursue a career as an mua not just a part time mua? I am married but I live in California and the cost of living require for both my husband and I to work full time jobs. I want to go back to school (makeup designory is my 1st choice) and the program is mon-fri from 8am-4pm. I would have to quit my job to attend. I want to pursue my passion but I see struggle ahead lol. Do you have any tips? What did you do to stay afloat while pursuing your career as a makeup artist?

  4. I reached out to Lovely Jordan with a phone call to answer her questions. I will post my replies under EBONY's answers.


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