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MISS EBONY you asked--here you go


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Hello Deshawn,
Thank you so much for this blog! I have a few questions that I would like answered if possible. 
Miss Ebony thank you lady, and thank you for responding to my initial post of HELP ME HELP YOU

Q-Do you believe that you need to NY or LA based to be a celebrity mua? What other cities if any do you believe are options? What was your move to NY like as an unknown if you were not originally based there?
A-First let me say you must be a phenomenal makeup artist to be a "true" celebrity makeup artist.  You have to know the In's and outs of makeup and the business before you can become a true "celebrity makeup artist"  Most times it is a reputation that you will build throughout your career that will land you those clients.  So strive to be the best makeup artist you can be first, the celebrities will come. 
Do you have to be in NYC/LA yes and no.  Atlanta is filled with reality TV, and R&B entertainers, Nashville is filled with country singers, Vegas—well everyone goes to Vegas lol, and LA and NY is where most live.  So you see you don't have to be in the two major cities to work with celebrities, actually you may have a better chance in places like DC, Chicago, Seattle, Hawaii.
I'm a native New Yorker proud of it.  For me, to get some of my first breaks in fashion I actually had to leave the city and go where the opportunities were-.  Don't be fooled if you think because you're from a major city you've got it made--cause you don't.  Its takes so much dedication and time and attention to your craft and business.

Q-What are your favorite highlighter's to use?
A-Hhhmmmmmmm highlighter—woo such a vast question lol  If it were a simple natural non dewy highlight I like to use a lighter foundation, if it's shiny/dewy—then hmmm what kind of dewy are we talking? Wooo I love me some highlights-I do.   I like several Face Atelier highlighters, NARS Multiple, Kevyin Aucoin Celestial Powder just to name a few

Q-When and if you will be teaching any classes/workshops soon?
A-If you want me to have a class in your city or town just ask.  I'm all things beauty, editorial, education and business all rolled into one artists.  So if that is something you'd be interested in then ask me.  Here's how I do it.   If you want me to do workshops and/or have me speak in your town I'm always open as long as it fits into my schedule.  I'll be coming to North Carolina in the fall HEY CHARLOTTE! -(info for that workshop will be posted here just check back in a few).  So email me your query I can send you  FAQ sheet of what is needed. If it can be facilitated you've got yourself an educator—BAM!  
As my schedule permits I can have small classes here in Studio D--BROOKLYN!!!  Small intimate classes, very small so you get THE best education. I'm very hands-on and no question is stupid.  I'm all for teaching and making sure you guys learn--cause if you don't then you just spent money for what.  AND I hate wasting money. No matter whose workshops you take you must walk away with practical info that you can then replicate.  If you just walked away with a bunch of gossip then--woo you've wasted your money/time/mind  And you know "a mind is a terrible thing to waste--and so is your money" JUST EMAIL ME the dates you''ll be in town and yes --if schedule permits I would love to have folks come to Brooklyn :)  OK OFF MY SOAPBOX
AND if you're a student and would like for me to come to your school to speak that can be arranged as well.  
See what happens when you ask :)  

Q-Is is best to have an agent as an mua, should that be a goal, or do most celebrity mua's negotiate and represent themselves?
A-Agents are great because they get access to all the great gigs with major exposure and higher pay--so yeah right?   BUT you're not the only one in the agency so they will submit you and (depending on how many artists they have) several others BOO.  It takes time for an agent to cultivate you as their new artists so it may be 6 months before they get you something worth anything, PATIENCE is needed. Really it depends on the agency/booker. 
 1) high-end agencies want high-end makeup artists who are already established with their own clientele, 
 2) if its not a high end agency those cool gigs you want probably will not come your way
 3) if you have a great relationship with your booker then you will probably be put up for more gigs but if you don't you're book/portfolio can be left off of the pile for submission.
4) it isn't mandatory to have an agent--there are tons of freelancers  Way more freelancers then agency artists.  You always have to negotiate even with your agent--they may say is this price ok and you have to decide if you'll take it or suggest to your agent they get you more money--but of course nicely
5) agents get a cut of everything.  So, if in that whole month they got you one editorial paying $150--they get 20%
6) there are other hidden fees in agencies, like sending out your book, comp cards, some even charge to place you on their website (huh--isn't that crappy)  I do not believe the higher-end agencies do this practice.

Q-What are your favorite or best foundation tips/tricks?
A-FIRST, I'm not heavy handed with it—I believe the skin should be visible.  I hate a whole bunch of foundation on the skin that looks like,  a whole bunch of foundation on the skin. So for me that's my "trick" if you can call it that.  Skin should look like skin not product. I am a blender--I will blend until I only see skin--its so relaxing --I get all zen like-hahaha.   I'm not a "beat-tor" I don't do heavy contour, heavy makeup applications.  I'm more of an enhancer (oh like that )  I like to work with watch you got, and then bring out all the pretty—not beat it on to your face.  That is so 80's-90's and with products being reformulated (especially for women of color) there's no need to "beat" someone to death anymore

My favorite depends on who I'm working on and what I'm doing.  For TV Makeup For Ever HD—just doesn't give me a lot of shine and I have to powder less,  Graftobian for TV and Print,  Cinema Secrets for Print/Fashion, and other various brands like Bobbie Brown, Laura Mercier, Chanel,  drugstore Iman Cosmetics, Black Opal, Bllack Radience, The Queen Collection by Covergirl,  Maybelline, and L'oreal, NYX(used for a fashion show--pretty good), Wet and Wild (not for foundations)  oh Miss Ebony this list can be so dag-on long lol 
SO MISS EBONY --I truly thank you for asking a sistah a question. I hope this helps you in your journey, and thanks again for participating and reading my blog you are so appreciated.

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  1. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND ANSWERS! You don't know how much it means to me!! ♡♡♡

  2. Lakesha Brandon Charles says on my Facebook page-- Great questions! Especially about having to live in LA/NY. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ and I am having a heard time trying to decide which major city I want to move to. Thank you Ebony Directing-Diva Campbell and thank you DeShawn Hatcher for allowing us the opportunity to pick your brain a little

  3. As soon as I can afford to attend one of your workshops, I'm definitely contacting you to see if you have the time to come to Dallas! Gosh, I would love that!!!

  4. This is why I have been a fan of yours for years, DeShawn. Since my own humble beginnings in makeup when I took your editorial beauty class here in the DC back in 2007....You continue to keep it real, humble, honest, insightful and funny. Your philosophy on foundation is sooooo my philosophy too. When I was reading it I was constantly nodding my head and say "yes, yes, yes" LOL! I love skin and don't believe in "beating" it to death. As my motto goes "I don't beat, I beautify.™" I'm about enhancing beauty not plastering it on. So thank you thank you thank you for that piece of advice. I wish I could scream this to the masses! --ShaunĂ©

  5. Miss Deshawn im working on a master plan to get you to Cali!!!

  6. I like that you stated you're a "I'm more of an enhancer" A lot of people today go for what they see on IG, YouTube and Reality TV - the heavily "beat" face. I agree, it's a lot, and unnecessary. Sometimes that "beat" look it also ages the person.


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